See you when I see you

It was not what I expected.

I rehearsed many times what the “saying goodbye" will be like in my mind. How I would press my lips against his with tears filled up my eyes as we depart our ways; How my arms would encircle his waist; How I would swoon over him.

He’s the victor in this pageantry. A simple, so-matter-of-fact and emotion free “Bye” got me feel like a total muppet. Mixed feelings brewed up while I was standing there waiting for a hug and it was overwhelming. Confusion, love, anger, distress, jelousy, affection you name it. All the memories flashing up got my chest into pieces. Every look, every breath and every kiss got me dying and still crying.

I walked away with seemingly unflinching determination, let it go, take it slow and let time heal everything.

They say time flies but you keep breaking it’s wings.